14: A Gift for Baby June

On Thursday, June 28, 2018, June Elizabeth Hart was born.  My friend, Anna, is also my co-worker so I’ve been on this journey since she told me at a conference “I’m taking a pregnancy test when I get home.”  Seeing Anna almost every day for these months, I didn’t realize how excited I was until she texted that she was at the hospital.  The last thing I did before I went to sleep was check for news.  The first thing I did in the morning was check for news.  All day, it felt a transformational thing was happening to all of us.

Swimming in Lake Michigan is one of my most favorite things in the world.  It just happened to be that Thursday’s swim was my first of the season, in large part because temperatures have been too cold and conditions have been too murky.  Walking down to the beach seeing the gentle waves and the blue of the water made me feel better than anything in weeks.  The water was 66 degrees, a rarity to be sure.  My mind at ease in the water, there was only one thing I could think of…a poem I found and read for my sister-in-law’s blessingway.  It is called “On the Day You Were Born” and it inspired me to try and document this day.  Although Anna and her husband have the memories of June’s physical entry into this world, I wanted to mark the memories of the day as THE day that their world, and ours, changed.

Incipere of Juno

From Hera 

We wake early to the light streaming into our windows – get up!  The day has begun. It is time.
Time indeed.
The air is heavy with heat and dampness the kind of day that feels lazy
But there is no time to be lazy.  There is work to do.

This day begins like every other
The hustle and bustle
Of people with places to be
Another day, another day
But today is not every other day.  Today is your day.

Mommy in strappy sandals and stretchy pants sprawled
Uncomfortably on the bench.
We knew.
She knew.
The day was close.

Close, close, and today here.
Here after a wait
A wait today, of all days, one of the longest days.
Sun up before we’re up, sun down at almost 9-something
But you, little something, keep us all on our toes
For the first little picture of those little baby toes, and nose, and the close
Of this time, this time of wait
And into the every day of the infinite possibilities of your forever.

June in June the perfect ring.
Ring, ring the bell tolls
High into the bright blue sky
With clouds as fine and soft as your new baby hair.
Ring, ring above the city out and about to this and that.
The city that will forever be where you are from wherever you go to.

Puffy poplar fluff floats
To the ground to cover it like the first snow
“Wish bugs”…
A wish for each my dear June means wishes upon wishes upon wishes
Wishes for you to grow

And thrive

And live your best life






Today is the day that changed all the rest of the days.
Today was not a perfect day
But today was perfectly your day
And all of your days will be imperfectly perfect
But you, Baby June, are loved precisely for your perfect imperfections
And no matter what you do or who you become
You came into this world as the
Greatest Gift of Love,
And the world tomorrow will never again be like the world yesterday.

Welcome to the world June Elizabeth.  


One thought on “14: A Gift for Baby June

  1. I would love to get all of this when my baby arrives in June. I always buy something for the mum as she’s done such a great job throughout the pregnancy and then the birth 🙂


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